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I have issues. This is my first one.

This is the preview issue of my newsletter, which is less of a NEWSLETTER and more of a FRIENDNOTE, an INFOletter, a letter that will maybe put a smile on your face, a light bulb over your head or make you do that emoji thing where your brain explodes a little bit.


What It Will Do

  • Land in your inbox once a week at most.

  • Take less than five minutes to read. This is the longest one you'll get, I promise. (*)

  • Offer info, inspo, or a tried and tested resource that I genuinely believe to be helpful, which is why I want to share it with you.

What It Might Do

  • Make you one tidbit wiser than before you read it, maybe give you a fun fact to brag about at lunch.

  • Help you get better at sleeping, breathing, eating, smiling, self-caring, pausing, pooping (indirect).

  • Entertain you, if only briefly.

  • Change your day.

What It Won't Do

  • Cost you money. Subscribe now and get on the short list for the early bird special.

  • Make your grammar bone itch. (Or is that just me?)

  • Change your life. That's on you.

Why, tho?

Because I've spent almost 20 years as a wellness pro, and if you're receiving this, there's a good chance that you've asked me for a tip or learned something from me or my podcast that was super duper helpful and when that happens, everyone wins. If you know me, you know I don't preach, I don't live a sanctimonious life with an “I'm sorry your gut is not as highly-colonized as mine,” weller-than-thou attitude. I like healthy stuff and I like helping people get their arms around it. And I also like queso. And martinis. It's a journey. A highway to well, if you will… If I share something you find interesting or useful, I'd love to hear it, and I'd REALLY love for you to pass it along to a few friends to help me build my subscriber list. And of course, if you absolutely have no room left in your inbox or your brain, the unsubscribe button will still be your friend. And so will I. Anyway, here's a lil' appetizer: Taking a quick walk, for just two to five minutes (!) after a meal helps to lower your blood sugar and prevent insulin spikes, which boosts your metabolism, which can help you lose weight and reduce your risk for heart disease. Facts. I legit walk around my hallway for 2 minutes after I eat. There you have it. You could have done it in the time it took to read that fact.

Also hi, it's Erica. And this is All Too Well.



(*) That's what she said.

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