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Wellness Expert, Curator, Serial Entrepreneur


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Over my 20 years of experience in the wellness industry, I’ve built and scaled highly profitable food and beverage brands including a successful exit, and worked with a range of organizations to address their wellness needs and implement strategy. Thanks to my earlier years spent in public relations, event production, hospitality and entertainment, my skills in the art of communication allow me to deliver my deep understanding of wellness practices, products and education in a meaningful way.


My core belief has always been that wellness should feel accessible and approachable-not preachy and dogmatic, but with a range of entry points for all to participate, and my work across a range of channels reflects that mantra.

I spent my early career as a trained dancer and performer which inspired my passion for healthy living through my journey into yoga, meditation, and healing through food. I immersed myself in the food and beverage industry and developed a love for hospitality through hotel and restaurant management, then bridged these worlds together by working with a range of esteemed clients in food and restaurant PR and producing food TV.

I leaped into entrepreneurship in 2007, drawing on my range of skills and co-founding one of the most impactful wellness brands of the time, BluePrint Cleanse, which pioneered the cold pressed juice category. My work in CPG continued with the functional mushroom company I co-founded, Earth & Star, bringing the benefits of adaptogens and fungi to the masses on a mission to promote preventative health.  My work with functional mushrooms introduced me to the healing powers of psychedelic mushrooms, and as a certified Microdose Mentor,  I help people explore these powerful plant medicines at a slow pace in a safe environment.

I created the GatHer Wellness & Beauty Summit in Nashville, designed to bring together a range of wellness brands and experts in the name of product discovery and wellness education. Each week I produce and host my podcast, All Too Well, and write, edit and publish the All Too Well newsletter to offer insights, news and usable tips in a quick and digestible way (with no cringey aftertaste!)




Co-Founder of BluePrint Cleanse

The green juice company credited with pioneering the category. Bootstrapped a direct-to-consumer raw food and juice program and built into a nationally recognized consumer retail brand, acquired by Hain-Celestial.


Co-Founder of Gather Wellness & Beauty Summit

An immersive wellness event on a mission to bring wellness resources and expertise to high-growth markets like Nashville and Portland.  We provide access to best-in-class products and experts through a multidimensional day of experiences. 

Partners reach new audiences, experts connect with their communities, and attendees come away feeling empowered and inspired.


Co-Founder of Earth & Star

The mushroom company delivering the incredible benefits of functional mushrooms to you as deliciously and conveniently as possible.



Hospitality Groups, Corporate Organizations, Membership Clubs, Real Estate Developers, Wellness Companies, Conferences and Retreats

Wellness Curation and Consultancy

I love to create unique and engaging opportunities to increase employee/guest/member satisfaction through educational workshops, product offerings and special access to unique wellness experiences and opportunities.

Brand Partnerships

Leverage deep network of brand relationships to curate and procure best-in-class products and services as offerings for employees, guests, members.


I design and implement educational opportunities including panel discussions, fireside chats, collateral, and add-on amenities.  I curate and produce talks and events from intimate retreats to large-scale summits.

Food & Beverage

Work collaboratively with F&B teams to develop better-for-you menu offerings that connect with your customers.

Colleen Wachob, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Mindbodygreen

“Erica is one of the OGs of health and well-being, which is why I always trust and appreciate her unique perspective on all matters of wellness."


GATHER Wellness & Beauty Summit, Co-Founder, Event Producer, Panelist, Moderator

The Aster Los Angeles, The Sleep Summit, Curator

La Cantera Spa and Resort, Wellness Event Producer

The Aster Los Angeles, The Mushroom Summit, Panelist

The Aster Los Angeles, The Mushroom Summit, Curator & Panel Producer

Foundermade, The Future of Food, Panelist

Sub Rosa, Applied Empathy Series, Empathy in Wellness, Panelist

Better Spaces, Wellness Programming and Events Producer

Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Plant Based Food for Better Health, Featured Presenter, Recipe Demo

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