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U Can't Touch This: Toxic Plastics In The Most Unlikely Places

Issue 1

September 1, 2023

Hi friends! It's the first official day of the first official month where we have to put our thinking caps back on. With that in mind, I offer you some news, info, and healthy snacks for your back-to-school brain:


The CDC has named watercress the world's healthiest vegetable, which means perhaps we can all lay off the kale salads that are causing most of us more digestive distress than we realize. Story for another time. Watercress earned its perfect rating for its nutrient density, meaning that it provides, on average, the full 100% of the daily value of required nutrients per 100kcal, but I rate it for its ability to be spicy and cool at the same time. #goals.


So yes I got on the bandwagon in time to read the book of the summer while it's still actually summer. It's fun and breezy, fit for a brain on too many lobster rolls and fried clams. But the best part is that I got it without paying Bezos a dime. is a super cool site that avid readers need to know about. Every purchase supports an independent bookshop of your choice; they've funded $27M+ to indie booksellers since 2020. If you need to same-day your cat litter and trash bags, fine, but maybe wait the extra day for your next read and do a good turn in the process. File under self-care.

And now for a little section I like to call

HERE'S A TIP, MAKE THAT CHANGE The conversation around microplastics is finally gathering some mainstream steam, and those slick paper sales receipts floating around the bottom of every purse and reusable tote are among the biggest offenders. Not only unfriendly to the planet, but potentially super toxic to your health, their endocrine-disrupting BPAs literally absorbing into the skin, ew. There are plenty of paperless ways to track that spend without a side order of toxins. Next time someone asks if you want your receipt, politely take a hard pass and tell 'em Hammer sent you.

Be well, and also have fun.



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